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3 Big Marketing Mistakes Growing HR Tech Companies Make

In the current technology marketplace, HR tech companies find themselves at the center of the push for improved workforce management solutions.

Market demand for mobile apps, predictive analytics, personalized engagement tools and other solutions is good news for HR technology brands. But getting noticed in an increasingly crowded marketplace isn’t easy – not even for established tech companies.

PR and Marketing for HR Tech Companies: Mistakes to Avoid

Like any technology company, more customers, greater market share and increased revenue are important to your business. But to reach the next level of growth, you need to nail marketing to HR professionals at larger firms. And that means you need a PR and marketing strategy designed for HR execs at companies that have already moved well beyond the startup phase.

At Walker Sands, we help HR tech companies turn PR and digital marketing strategies into measurable business improvement. In our experience, there are at least three big mistakes that workforce technology providers need to avoid as they work to gain visibility with key audiences.

Mistake #1: Misaligning message and audience.

Effective marketing and PR begin with a nuanced understanding of your audience. In many cases, segmentation and the identification of granular target audiences by role or other criteria can determine the success of PR and digital marketing to HR professionals

But audience identification is only the first step. To gain traction in the marketplace, HR tech companies need to develop, create and amplify messages that are tailored to the needs of each audience segment. For example, while messaging at the top of the funnel might be tailored to HR or IT managers, messaging further down the funnel should be geared toward the needs of the C-suite and other final decision makers in prospect organizations.

Mistake #2: Viewing PR as a siloed promotional channel.

PR is an important part of a balanced strategy to connect with audiences that have a vested interest in workplace technologies. But earned media doesn’t exist in a vacuum, at least not anymore. Increasingly, the PR agencies that achieve the best results for HR technology clients are those that integrate public relations with a variety of digital marketing activities.

Search marketing, PPC campaigns, content marketing, social media, digital persona development – these are just some of the digital marketing activities that can support and improve public relations initiatives. By taking an integrated marketing approach (PR and digital), you can amplify both the reach and impact of their promotional investments. 

Mistake #3: Failing to tell a compelling brand story.

Startups can get by with messaging that highlights unique or innovative features and benefits of their technologies. But as your HR tech company matures, capturing the attention of HR and IT execs (many of whom are familiar with your solutions) becomes more complicated. It’s tempting to focus your messaging agenda on responding to emerging competitors, but that’s a mistake. 

Instead, you need to tell a compelling brand story across all of your paid, earned and owned media channels. Clearly articulate your value proposition and concentrate your messaging on the needs and concerns that really matter to your audience(s).

Walker Sands: Integrated Marketing for HR Tech Companies

There’s too much at stake to leave your company’s marketing to chance. To reach the next level of growth, you need a marketing strategy that strengthens your position in the industry and generates new leads for your business.

At Walker Sands, we’ve been helping HR tech companies grow their businesses since the beginning.  Contact us today and discover how our integrated marketing approach can deliver real results to your organization.

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