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B2B Sales Enablement

The complete sales enablement tool kit for your B2B brand. From PowerPoints to talk tracks, Walker Sands can create everything your sales team needs to feel empowered and help drive more business.

A robust sales enablement toolkit is a must-have in today’s economic climate. Sales enablement bridges the sales-marketing divide by equipping reps with useful and relevant resources. Just as importantly, sales enablement opens clear channels of communication between sales and marketing, creating opportunities to share insights about the messages and activities that actually move the needle on customer acquisition.

With a fully stocked sales enablement toolkit in your corner, you can win more deals, shorten the sales cycle and increase deal size. And since sales enablement resources have a longer shelf life than other materials, you can count on your toolkit to deliver results both now and long after the current crisis has passed.

Essential B2B Sales Enablement Tools

At Walker Sands, we’re committed to helping you make the most of every revenue opportunity that comes your way. Whether you need to create sales enablement resources from scratch or want to refresh the existing sales enablement materials in your arsenal, we have the skills and experience to produce resources that empower your teams and drive revenue improvement when you need it most — right now.

Specifically, Walker Sands is ready to create the following B2B sales enablement materials for your brand:

Sales Decks

First-rate sales decks help you put your best foot forward when delivering presentations in virtual meetings — and during in-person presentations when life returns to normal. A well-organized, highly visual deck can make all the difference right now because it helps guide the conversation and keeps video conference participants engaged, even when the audio is choppy.

  • Supported formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides
  • Standard dimension: 16:9 aspect ratio; also able to support 4:3
  • Able to work within your brand’s existing templates or design a custom deck from scratch
  • Able to create full narratives (content and design) for a standardized sales presentation or templated slides (design only) that give your team flexibility to populate with their own content as needed
  • Length recommendation: 15-20 slides
Mockup example of sales deck slides for Walker Sands sales enablement offering

Sell Sheets

Relevant and visually appealing sell sheets are more valuable than ever because they help sales teams stay top of mind with high-value prospects. As primer or follow-up documents, they keep the conversation going. But in the current climate, it’s critical that your sell sheets are up to date and formatted to facilitate easy sharing via email.

  • Supported formats: one-page or double-sided PDFs
  • Standard dimension: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Use sell sheets to tout core capabilities, locations and more
Mockup example of sell sheet for Walker Sands sales enablement offering

Customer Case Studies

Case studies are proof-point materials that contextualize your company’s solutions and offerings, and demonstrate real-world outcomes in a way that resonates with results-focused prospects. Appropriate for use at various points in the sales cycle, customer case studies can live on your website, integrate into decks and be distributed via email to prospects or upsell targets.

  • Supported formats: PDFs and webpage/blog through WordPress CMS
  • Standard structure: Key Outcomes — Challenge — Solution — Results
Mockup example of customer case study for Walker Sands sales enablement offering

Talk Tracks

Consistency counts for today’s buyers. Talk tracks align sales, marketing and other internal stakeholders, ensuring they communicate the same messages to prospects. A carefully designed talk track also helps teams provide clear and confident answers to any questions that arise during the sales process. In general, talk tracks are must-have tools for inside sales teams and business development reps who engage in a high volume of phone conversations.

  • Standard structure: One-page document with key messages and FAQs for your brand. Typically includes suggested scripts to guide phone conversations

Animated Videos

Standout communication vehicles are often a determining factor in highly competitive sales scenarios. Animated videos present your elevator pitch in a unique and compelling way. With the right animated video in your toolkit, your sales team can provide an additional, captivating touchpoint that guides prospects through the decision-making process. 

  • Standard structure: High-level overview of your offerings and capabilities told through distinct and ownable branded animations
  • Recommended length: 1-2 minutes; can be designed to edit down and repurposed for social media/pre-roll advertising

Check out this example of an animated video we created for MSTS, a leading B2B payments solution provider.

Additional B2B Marketing Support

At Walker Sands, we’re obsessed with helping your business capture more than its fair share of the marketplace. Our in-house teams are capable of designing, developing and delivering any and all materials that help seed the market and keep your brand top of mind — from full-scale integrated marketing programs and creative campaigns to remarketing ads and email nurture campaigns. 

Now is also an ideal time to invest in SEO through blogging. Plant the seeds for revenue acceleration later in the year by letting our team of content pros develop rich, long-form content that will increase in value over time, rank with Google and drive traffic to your site. Our SEO experts can map a comprehensive keyword strategy and execute on the content your brand needs to get noticed both now and well into the future.

We can also help with tech enablement. From marketing automation (e.g., drip campaigns, scoring, segmentation) to chatbots and everything in between, we have the people and experience to develop and manage your B2B brand’s tech-enabled marketing efforts.

Your sales team needs you. We’re here to help. Contact us today and let’s talk about how Walker Sands can partner with you to create a sales enablement toolkit that helps your sales team bridge today’s revenue gap and position your brand for future growth.

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